The solution that protects your web assets effortlessly

Wolf-Ray is a layer of extra security between your applications, remote collaborators and potential cyber threats. It's faster than any other conventional VPN, perfect for equipment used remotely and capable to provide greater control over network access.

In 2017, 87% of SMEs has implemented solutions with VPN.
Implement a greater solution with Wolf-Ray now.

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WOLF-RAY VPN Authentication

WOLF-RAY solves typical VPN problems by offering you

WOLF-RAY offers greater productivity


Wolf-Ray is up to 7 times* faster than VPN. Unlike other services, the data encryption with Wolf-Ray will not decrease your connection speed.
*Tested under various conditions and compared with VPN.

WOLF-RAY offers total access control

Total access

You can see who accesses your network and your applications 24/7. Downloadable user log & access reports are always available at your request.

WOLF-RAY offers a fast and simple configuration

Fast and simple

Wolf-Ray eliminates the headache you get with VPN and can be configured into your systems within 5 minutes.

WOLF-RAY offers a rapid scalability on number of users

Rapid scalability
on number of Users

Until now, a user needs to install VPN in their device so it can work under a corporate network. Wolf-Ray gets rid of those obstacles and adapts to the size of your organisation.

What could happen if you continue to use a conventional VPN?

90% of VPN are insecure

They have obsolete encryption systems that makes them vulnerable to attacks

According to High-Tech Bridge

WOLF-RAY is a more secure alternative than any other conventional VPN