Protect and ensure the optimal performance of your web applications

WOLF-RAY ® CLOUD is a custom-made service.

It doesn’t matter if you increase the number of remote workers or collaborators from one day to another, choose the subscription that suits the current needs of your company.

Expand your plan whenever you need.

Select subscription

Enter the number of users
Average monthly price: 5.00 €/user
for more
than 500 users
10 users
Monthly fee
50 /mo
10 users
12 months
save | € 60
45 /mo
TOTAL | € 540
10 users
24 months
save | € 300
37.5 /mo
TOTAL | € 540
Number of users
Price per month
Given number of users
Up to 50 users (1-50 users)
5 €/user
1-50 users
For the next 200 users (51-250 users)
4 €/user
51-250 users
For the next 250 users (251-500 users)
3 €/user
251-500 users
For more than 500 users
Custom quote, please Contact us

Average monthly price:
5.00 €/user
Every subscription includes 1 TB of bandwidth/month.
An extra 150 €/TB will be charged if the default bandwidth is consumed.
* The price per month is progressive. This means that we have volume discounts as you contract more users. Each users' unit price is based on the pricing rate in which the user is situated.
** If a subscription is contracted for 12 months, it cannot be downgraded to a monthly subscription, only upgraded to 24 months subscription.
*** If a subscription is contracted for 24 months, it cannot be downgraded to a monthly subscription or a 12 months subscription.