protect you?

WOLF-RAY ® CLOUD performs as an intermediary between the requests of users and the servers of the corporate web applications.

When a user accesses an internal web application, the first thing that appears is the WOLF-RAY ® CLOUD login page.

Therefore, the cloud service protects the connection between the user and the company's web applications exposed to the Internet.

Once authenticated with the username, password and through the double factor authentication, WOLF-RAY ® CLOUD forwards the user's request to the final web server.

WOLF-RAY acts as a shield protecting your organisation from attacks

Getting started with WOLF-RAY ® CLOUD

Activate your WOLF-RAY free trial for 1 month

1. Get a free trial.

Sign up and choose the 30 days free subscription.

Create a domain and subdomain at WOLF-RAY

2. Add your domains.

Set up the general settings of your company and add the domains and subdomains in your WOLF-RAY ® CLOUD control panel.

Change your DNS

3. Change your DNS.

Point your DNS, domains and subdomains to

Generate your cerfificates

4. Generate your HTTPS certificates.

Free of charge, you can generate your certificates or upload them to the platform.

Configure a user directory at WOLF-RAY

5. Create the user directory.

Add or import users by synchronizing LDAP or Active Directory and manage user groups and access permissions.

Configure the WOLF-RAY 2FA

6. Configure the 2FA.

Activate the double factor authentication (2FA) and block any traffic from another IP other than WOLF-RAY ® CLOUD.

Check the WOLF-RAY CLOUD protection

7. Check the protection.

Go to the web applications that you have registered in the platform and check the authentication process of the service.